New Year (nearly) New Blog

With just 2 days left of 2011, preparations are underway for New Year – including setting up this blog! With one of my many new years resolutions being to complete more craft projects, I tbought my best way to document projects would be to blog. I have many favorite blogs which I follow and hope to make mine just as interesting.

Plans (so far) for 2012 –

FIND A HOUSE!!!! (more on this another day!)

Complete my Emily Peacock hug and kiss cushions (both 75% complete!)

Start and complete Emily Peacock rodeo cushion

Learn quilting!

Complete my crochet blanket (consisting of 120 squares, so far 95 squares done!)

Finishing building the shed and fences on the allotment

Grow something eatable on said allotment


I think so far that is enough though my list my grow throughout the year (hopefully!)