Projects and Pies!

2012 has arrived and whilst I am not sure if this year can beat last year (what with getting married and all), I am hoping it comes close!!

My first projects of his year are a continuation of 2 that were started last year, my Emily Peacock hug and kiss cushions. Having lots of time off over Christmas really helped me make progress on the cushions. When finishing work on 22nd Dec, only the top border and ‘K’ had been completed. The hug cushion was completed as it is in the picture.

Initially my thoughts were to leave the white parts as the aida fabric however now I am nearing completion, the perfectionist in me has decided to finish them properly. My only concern is that I have not left enough room extra on the hug project to make into a cushion but will cross that bridge when I eventually finish!!

My first baking session of 2012 was a beef and red wine pie. Having bought a new pie dish in the Christmas sales, I decided I had better put it to some good use. Unfortunately in all my pie making excitement, I forgot to take a photo of my completed project however feedback from the husband and brother was that it was yummy!