Long time….no posts!!

Well it has been some time since my last post. I did intend to update regularly posting plenty of pictures and having lots to say however, a change of address and lots to do in our new house distracted me away from blog writing. Rubbish excuse I know!!

On my very first post I listed my years ‘to do’ list which was full of that great hope and enthusiasm that only a New Year can bring. I can happily say I have accomplished one of my many things ‘to do’ (and possibly the biggest and most life changing!!). With the new year brought wishes and dreams which lead me and the hubby to a spot of house hunting. A bit of background to our house hunting starts approx 2 years ago when, after a nightmare neighbour at our rented flat, my parents offered for us to move in with them for  a year to save to buy our own home. 2 years later, deposit saved and newly married we were ready to hunt. Long story short, at the end of January, we found our dream home. A four bedroomed Victorian terrace house not far from my parents in a lovely tree-lined quiet street with original fireplaces upstairs and down with plenty of room for me and the hubby. Only one problem. It was a repossessed house meaning that the process had to be completed within 6 weeks of an offer being accepted….bad news, up until the 6 weeks was over, our offer was published and anyone could come in with a higher offer and we would lose our dream house. With budgets at the limit and a huge lot of luck, we got the keys on Friday 24th February, moving in on Sunday 4th March.

Home sweet home

We are now in the process of making our new home our fabulous home. I absolutely love it!!! We have huge amounts to do but we are taking everything in our stride and now, with our internet up and running, I have no excuses not to blog all about it.

Project wise, I am still working on the Emily Peacock hug and kiss cushions. I am currently trying to finish them off completing all the white background parts. I am finding this a bit of a struggle as no where seems to stock large amounts of the colour threat needed. I have just had my latest batch of 10 threads of the colour delivered so I am hoping this will finish the kiss cushion, leaving all of the hug to do.

Next weekend its my 26th birthday. Though usually, getting old isn’t something to shout out about, I am particularly happy for this birthday. My plans so far are to attend the international craft and hobby fayre at Aintree racecourse on 28th April (day before) and my lovely brother has bought me a ticket to go to Harry Potter studios in London on 19th May. I am super excited, I love London and can’t wait to see the sets for Harry Potter so it should be a really fun day! I will be sure to take plenty of pics!

Few pictures of the latest editions to my new home 🙂

Singer Sewing machine

Tea set

Roberts Radio

Charlotte x