Only one thing to do when it is transfer deadline day and your husband is football mad…


Make a monkey out of a pair of socks!

Charlotte x


The new sewing room



When we moved into our new home, I always had my eye on the smallest bedroom for my sewing room. Thankfully my husband agreed that I did need space for my ever growing collection of craft bits and magazines. I often read through craft blogs and admire people’s craft space an for a few months have built up an idea of what I want my space to be like. First came the desk, recycled from eBay at a cost of £26 (with a pine ikea chair at £13 to match). 2 layers of undercoat and a layer of Laura Ashley pale ivory paint and the desk was nearly complete. Finished off with a vintage style knob from eBay (£4) and I was pretty pleased with the finished item!



(Both undercoat pictures)

Some shelves from ikea (Billy of coarse) and a bit of bunting later and my sewing room is starting to take shape. It still has bits to do until I will call it finished (namely make a widow seat for the bay window – foam already bought!) but I’m pretty happy with how it is progressing!




Charlotte x x