Wedding memories

This weekend me and the hubby celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We spent a lovely quiet (and sunny) weekend in the Lakes visiting Coniston, Hawkshead and Cartmel and staying in a lovely little cottage in Lindale. Weekends like that remind me what makes me happy in life and what is important to me.








And a few memories of our lovely day!




Charlotte x


September, my favourite month

September is one of my favourite months for many reasons. It reminds me that Winter is close and cosy times are ahead. It also makes me start thinking of Christmas crafts. This year Christmas is shaping to be extra special with me and the hubby hosting Christmas dinner for the first time in our new home.
Since the beginning of September me and the hubby have been appreciating being outdoors with walks and meditation on the beach and spending time with family at one of our favourite parks, Sefton park. I think this is our way of enjoying the last bits of sunshine before winter closes in and the flip flops find their place back in the wardrobe and the boots come out.
September has also become a special month for my husband and I. It was 23rd September last year that we became husband and wife and this year we plan to remember and celebrate our special day with a weekend at the Lake District. The Lakes has given me and Ian some special memories – camping trips, log fires and plenty of outdoors. We spent time in the Lakes last year after our honeymoon in Florence so I am really looking forward to our weekend (wool and crafty magazines will be packed to come along!)

Some pics from Sept so far..
Crosby Marina at Sunset

Flying kites with my niece, Amelia

Ian, Amelia and Anthony Gormley statues

So far, Sept has been mine and Ian’s month of making home made pasta! Inspired by the channel 4 programme showing The Chiappa’s and after our donated pasta maker, we have experimented with home made ravioli and tagliatelle.


tagliatelle with asparagus and courgettes

And the start of some Christmas crafts from last Christmas’ Mollie Makes


Charlotte x