Tea parties and Halloween parties!

This past weekend was my sisters 29th birthday. Not one to pass up the opportunity to bake and get out the tea set, I invited round my mum, nan, sister, niece and of coarse my brother (who is Yorkshire teas biggest fan) for cake, tea and sandwiches!


And with tonight being Halloween, my sister took her turn and organised a kids Halloween party at her pub. Most adorable pumpkin goes to my niece (of coarse) and seeing her made up for having no one knock at our house to trick or treat!


Happy Halloween

Charlotte x


My blanket

I first started crocheting when I saw a magazine called ‘The Art of Crochet’, a weekly magazine which supplied one ball of wool and a new crocheting stitch to create one square. I have to admit, the blanket completed was the draw to making sure I finished a square each week. I finished the blanket mid year and stitched it together and tided it around Aug and it has now become my winter snuggie blaket!