The Allotment…one year on

This time last year we had been on our allotment for two weeks. I’d waiting for the allotment for some time, emailed and telephoning those in charge, begging for my name to be moved up the list until finally, they gave in and offered me my plot.
When I first got it, my family, hubby and I devoted most of our spare time to our version of ‘the good life’. We pulled weeds and dug over beds and talked about the bumper harvest we would be having in the summer.
In reality I don’t think I quite knew how much work would go into the upkeep of the plot. When the allotment treasurer suggested taking only half my plot, I assured him I would have plenty of hands to help and would manage fine with my huge chunk of weed filled land. To be quite honest, my team of gardeners (aka the family) have had to keep each other motivated, as with every couple of weeks we would be too busy to go, the weeds would reek havoc across my veg. A year on and we have tasted home grown onions, garlic, strawberries, kale, turnips, spinach and potatoes. Our none survivors were carrots, pumpkins, butternut squash and Brussels sprouts (tho we are still hoping for a rapid growth prior to christmas on those).
All in all, the past year have given me some happy memories on the plot, spending some time with the family, attempting to grow things (with mixed results) and exploring the soil searching for worms with my niece. My goal for the next 12 months?! Spend more time there! My list of things to do grows upon every visit (build fence, build shed, fix gate and weed weed weed!) but when I’m there, time seems to fly by đŸ™‚

Snaps of the plot a year ago



In full bloom (kind of!)



All tidy for the winter

And some helpers…




Charlotte x