Snow Time

It’s been a little chilly here for the past few days, excitingly chilling with sprinklings of snow. Now I do have to be honest, I’m not snows biggest fan. Don’t get me wrong, if I’m off work, lazing around, I love snow. I get fully involved snow man making – the works!

(Pics from ‘the great snow of 2010)


But I do have a fear of getting around after the beautiful snow has fallen. Driving sends me into anxiety/panic mode. So when I was cooking mine and my nieces breakfast on Friday morning and saw the snow starting to fall, I was quite pleased I was off all day, with nothing to do but play in the snow (and keep my fingers crossed that it would stop and melt in time for my commuting to work over the weekend).

Amelia enjoying the start of snowfall

After a couple of hours, our street was snow filled and snow ball fights were in full swing with the little’uns.


And what better way to spend snow days than finish off some crafty projects! Thankfully, I have finished stitching my Emily Peacock kiss cushion, I now have the background on the hug cushion to complete and judging by how long it took to finish the kiss background, this may take me a while!
I’m also trying to be prepared for Easter and purchased the following book of crochet patterns.

I have chosen a bunny pattern to complete and bought the wool so hopefully that will be coming along over the next couple if weeks. I have also signed up for a free craftsy course to help me use my sewing machine. I have used it a couple if times but have to admit I’m not confident to plan to work through that soon too! All I need now is a couple more snow days and I will be able to fit everything in πŸ™‚

Charlotte x


Fun filled Saturday’s

I was last in work on Friday 21st December. I enjoy my job, I really do, but the thought of my chilled out crafty days ending, festivities being over and returning to work on Monday fills me with sadness and dread. So instead of moping about, I decided to make the most of my last few days of freedom and enjoy the lovely day outdoors.
I try to offer to look after and have sleepovers with my wonderful niece when I can. It gives my sister and her boyfriend some child free time and if I’m honest, she is totally my little pal and I love her being around, quoting ‘Amelia-isms’ for hours after she leaves! So when she asked me the other day could she come to the Christmas house I set us a date for last night.


She starts nursery on Monday and had a trial day a few weeks back. She told me all about hopscotch so we decided what better way to start the day with a bit of hopping and jumping!


Following this was a day at the park feeding the ducks, swinging high and trying out the big slide! Followed by tea and coffee for me and the hubby and ice cream for the little lady






And after our fun day it was time to go home! Highlight of my day?! Amelia asking to come back to our house, why? “Because I love your house” πŸ™‚

So my evening will be spent reading my new crochet magazine found on my door may when we got home (and scoffing the leftover Christmas choccies!!)


Charlotte x

Happy new year

A little belated but Happy New Year! I like new beginnings. I like setting new goals and thinking about the new year ahead and what it holds. I also like reflecting on this gone by and New year is always that time that helps you to do that.
2012 did not fail me in my expectations. My main goal was to find a home and early on we managed to do this. I am proud of how Ian and I have started to make our mark on it, slowly but surely ticking things off our to do list.
We also planned to grow something, anything!!! on our allotment. We did succeed in this however it did involve a lot more hard work that I ever anticipated so this year, more effort is required!
The two main craft pieces to finish, the Emily peacock cushions still are to be finished but are slowly getting there! My biggest achievement was completing my crochet blanket and also finding the time to crochet my brother a blanket for his christmas gift.


So some plans for 2013…lots of craft filled days – I still plan to quilt one day! Create an open fire in our home, do yoga at least once a week and put more effort and time into our allotment. Oh and Glastonbury!!! πŸ™‚

Charlotte x