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Glastonbury baby!

This weekend saw my husband and I’s annual (apart from last year) pilgrimage to Glastonbury festival. Last year was a fallow year (the festival takes a year out every 4 years) so this year was hugely anticipated and thankfully lived up to all out expectations!
The journey started with cramming all of our belongings into our car and hitting the road for the 250 mile journey. The festival didn’t officially open until 8am on the Wednesday but car parks open on the Tuesday at 9pm. We decided to head to the festival site when the car parks opened to start queueing as we wanted to camp in a certain field close to the main parts and the field can fill up pretty quick.


Thank fully the festival opened slightly early and we were in and camped up by 8am…. 11 hours after we arrived! I won’t go into too much details about our time there but I will give you a run down of some of my favourite things and places! One other thing to mention is that whilst the festival has a lot to do with music, there is a whole lot of other things to do, one being the craft field where I spent a bit of time!
My first day there I spotted a lady offering needle felt workshops. It’s a craft I’ve been meaning to try for a while so I thought I’d sign myself up. Plus she has a HUGE needle felted hare outside her stall which looked brilliant! I managed to make a polar bear head which I was proud of!


My other make of the festival was some bunting on the cutest stall with singer sewing machines! The bunting is now hanging up in my sewing room which will remind me of my sunny hour sitting at the stall in one of my favourite places!


I also bought some bamboo crochet hooks from a lovely little stall called sorazora selling lots of natural yarns, clothes and crafty bits!


Here’s some of my other favourite pics from the festival

Fabulous food

I even managed some happy mail!

Craft fields

My favourite breakfast place for honey on toast – yum!

My Brother and Husband at the Park Stage

Lastly to mention, my husband started growing his beard especially for the festival. I think he done pretty well đŸ™‚


Charlotte x