September – National sewing month

According to this September is National Sewing month. This got me thinking about my sewing plans. So far I would say I am more of a ‘developing’ sewer (aka a beginner!!). It is something I am really keen to improve on. So, introducing my sewing companions…


Introducing my 1930’s singer and my basic John Lewis machine!

These two had helped me see a couple of things – bags, bunting and this skirt.

In May this year, the Daily Mail ran an offer to collect vouchers for sewing patterns from the Great British Seeing Bee book. I had bought the book but thought that the full patterns would come in handy. Four months later… they arrived!


I’ve also been researching dress patterns and came across patterns by Megan Nielsen and in particular this one ..


The only problem is EVERYWHERE has sold out!!!!

So, my sewing plan to do list…

* get hold of the Megan Neilsen darling ranges pattern (if anyone knows of anywhere with it in stock please do tell!)

*pyjamas!!! I actually have the. Fabric for this pattern!

Charlotte x


Craft Magazine Addict

Hello, my name is Charlotte and I am addicted to craft magazines. Yes, it’s true, I struggle to go into a shop without checking the shelves to see what craft magazines are on sale. Trouble is, I also can’t bare to get rid of any, so my craft room is turning into a magazine haven!


The above is just a selection of what I have on my shelves. Thankfully, I limit myself to subscriptions and at the moment, I only await the arrival of two a month from the postman!


Mollie makes is my first regular magazine to arrive in the month. This features a bit of all different crafts each month. My other current subscription is to the Simply Crochet magazine made by the same bunch as Mollie Makes. It is full of inspiration and patterns for modern crochet.

For the past 6 months I’ve been regularly buying the new crafty magazine and I am tempted to add this to my subscription list. It’s similar to Mollie Makes in that its an all round crafty magazine.

Lastly, I’ve recently been flicking through Craftseller magazine. This is good for tips on selling handmade goods which is useful for me at the moment.

So they are my main reads.. What are your favourite craft magazines?

Charlotte x