Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all! Before I post my official 2014 post, I though I’d reflect on 2013. The past year was a bit up and down – I had some fantastic family memories and lots of crafting and some difficult decisions to make job wise and a period of uncertainty a around that whole part of my life. Things are looking up for 2014 and (as I keep telling the husband much to his annoyance!) I feel like this next year is going to be great. I’m feeling really positive about things lately and have lots to look forward to this year. So without too much further ramblings I thought I’d post some of my favourite pictures and memories from 2013!


2013 was a good allotment year. This year we grew more than ever and even expanded our allotment buildings by two..a whole new shed and greenhouse.


One of my best weeks of 2013 was the week I spent with my family in the lake District. In fact, we all had so much fun we have booked a week again in 2014!


2013 saw a few trips for me and the hubby. I had my third ear at Glastonbury which didn’t disappoint. We haven’t tried to get tickets for 2014, we think we have earned a years break away! The hubby also completed his first half marathon at the great north run in Newcastle. Proud wife would be an understatement! We finished 2013 off with a fabulous break just before christmas to Bruges in Belgium. It was amazing!

Lastly, it wouldn’t have been a fab year without lots of crafting! I got the chance to be inspired at the Folksy Summer School and joined a monthly knitting group in Liverpool in January 2013 which I’ve continued to attend all year and have loved every second. I didn’t manage to complete everything I’d hoped to (more on that in my next post!!) but it gives me the chance to add them back to this years list of things to do!!! So here’s a few favourites!



So 2014 is here, and I don’t want to forget one single thing about this year. I’ve seen it on Pinterest a lot so decided to keep a ‘2014 best bits’ jar. Anything I want to remember, any goals I achieve, any nice memories or highlights I will jot on a piece of paper and pop it in my jar ready to read on 31st December 2014!


Charlotte x


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