How To….Fabric covered book (Tutorial)

I have developed this really annoying habit of checking my work emails at home. Why so annoying? WELL, I don’t have the ability to ‘Mark as Unread’ on my emails. By the time I get to work sometimes, I forget the mails I have read, remembering them at that all important moment of trying to fall asleep at night. Never one to pass up the opportunity for a quick crafty project, I decided I needed a note book, small enough to slip into my bag, that I could make notes in when checking my emails. So here it is, my quick and easy fabric covered note book tutorial.

STEP ONE – Getting everything together. You will need

  • Fabric (I chose some leftover Liberty fabric from my stash)
  • Note book
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Heavy object – I used a jam jar I have containing thread


STEP TWO – Lie your book onto your fabric. Leave approx 1 inch of fabric around the edge. Use your heavy object to stand the book open so it is lying flat against the fabric


STEP THREE – Glue one side of the book using the glue gun – Be careful – it’s hot!! (and try not to glue stuff to the floor…like I did oops!)


STEP FOUR – Cut some notches by the top and bottom of the book for the spine. Also cut a little notch out of the bottom of the fabric you have just glued so it isn’t too bulky


STEP FIVE – Continue to glue all the way around. Once complete you will just be left with a little piece of fabric at the top and bottom of the spine. This can be tucked into the spine (I used a knitting needle to help me with that bit!)


And TADA! Your new fabric note book is complete!


Charlotte x


Its been a while….

So it’s been a little (LONG)  while since I last blogged. I’m not really sure why other than life can be busy sometimes. After a week off work this week, i have had time to reflect, organise and remember the things I love to do for fun – blogging and crafty being big ones. So here it is, I am back. I have dug out my blogging note pad and sharpened my pencils, ready to make plans for my posts.


Charlotte x