How To….Fabric covered book (Tutorial)

I have developed this really annoying habit of checking my work emails at home. Why so annoying? WELL, I don’t have the ability to ‘Mark as Unread’ on my emails. By the time I get to work sometimes, I forget the mails I have read, remembering them at that all important moment of trying to fall asleep at night. Never one to pass up the opportunity for a quick crafty project, I decided I needed a note book, small enough to slip into my bag, that I could make notes in when checking my emails. So here it is, my quick and easy fabric covered note book tutorial.

STEP ONE – Getting everything together. You will need

  • Fabric (I chose some leftover Liberty fabric from my stash)
  • Note book
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Heavy object – I used a jam jar I have containing thread


STEP TWO – Lie your book onto your fabric. Leave approx 1 inch of fabric around the edge. Use your heavy object to stand the book open so it is lying flat against the fabric


STEP THREE – Glue one side of the book using the glue gun – Be careful – it’s hot!! (and try not to glue stuff to the floor…like I did oops!)


STEP FOUR – Cut some notches by the top and bottom of the book for the spine. Also cut a little notch out of the bottom of the fabric you have just glued so it isn’t too bulky


STEP FIVE – Continue to glue all the way around. Once complete you will just be left with a little piece of fabric at the top and bottom of the spine. This can be tucked into the spine (I used a knitting needle to help me with that bit!)


And TADA! Your new fabric note book is complete!


Charlotte x


Its been a while….

So it’s been a little (LONG)  while since I last blogged. I’m not really sure why other than life can be busy sometimes. After a week off work this week, i have had time to reflect, organise and remember the things I love to do for fun – blogging and crafty being big ones. So here it is, I am back. I have dug out my blogging note pad and sharpened my pencils, ready to make plans for my posts.


Charlotte x

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all! Before I post my official 2014 post, I though I’d reflect on 2013. The past year was a bit up and down – I had some fantastic family memories and lots of crafting and some difficult decisions to make job wise and a period of uncertainty a around that whole part of my life. Things are looking up for 2014 and (as I keep telling the husband much to his annoyance!) I feel like this next year is going to be great. I’m feeling really positive about things lately and have lots to look forward to this year. So without too much further ramblings I thought I’d post some of my favourite pictures and memories from 2013!


2013 was a good allotment year. This year we grew more than ever and even expanded our allotment buildings by two..a whole new shed and greenhouse.


One of my best weeks of 2013 was the week I spent with my family in the lake District. In fact, we all had so much fun we have booked a week again in 2014!


2013 saw a few trips for me and the hubby. I had my third ear at Glastonbury which didn’t disappoint. We haven’t tried to get tickets for 2014, we think we have earned a years break away! The hubby also completed his first half marathon at the great north run in Newcastle. Proud wife would be an understatement! We finished 2013 off with a fabulous break just before christmas to Bruges in Belgium. It was amazing!

Lastly, it wouldn’t have been a fab year without lots of crafting! I got the chance to be inspired at the Folksy Summer School and joined a monthly knitting group in Liverpool in January 2013 which I’ve continued to attend all year and have loved every second. I didn’t manage to complete everything I’d hoped to (more on that in my next post!!) but it gives me the chance to add them back to this years list of things to do!!! So here’s a few favourites!



So 2014 is here, and I don’t want to forget one single thing about this year. I’ve seen it on Pinterest a lot so decided to keep a ‘2014 best bits’ jar. Anything I want to remember, any goals I achieve, any nice memories or highlights I will jot on a piece of paper and pop it in my jar ready to read on 31st December 2014!


Charlotte x

It’s been a while…

The past couple of months have been a little hectic for me…well more than a little! Without going into too much detail, it involves lots of job changes for Mr R and I and some family members moving out of Liverpool. The result? Not a lot of me time!!! I did still manage some wool shopping. Mr R kindly came along to carry the bags (he’s definitely a keeper!!)



I’ve also managed to find a new haberdashery! (I find it a month ago and have visited twice already – three times after this weekend I hope! Only problem is, it’s a two hour drive away!!)


Christmas preparations are fully underway. I’m not going to give too much away as most are gifts for Christmas but here’s just a couple of things I have been up to!



And what better way to get crafty than to dust off the Christmas mugs and make hot chocolate (with marshmallows and cream of coarse!)


Lastly, I was lucky enough to win this little lot courtesy of crafty magazine!


Like Christmas coming early!!

Charlotte x x

Knitting – my enemy

I was first taught to knit by my Nan back when I was 4 or 5 years old. Both my Nan and Great Nan (also known as Big Nan to us young grandchildren) were brilliant knitters. By 6 or 7 years old I had completely forgotten my knitting skills and so sat down with my Nan who patiently taught me again. Since then she has given me a few more lessons over the years, my last when I was maybe 12 or 13. I don’t know what it is, maybe my love of other crafts or lack of patience but knitting never stays in my brain! I much prefer the quick and easy crochet projects or to put my time and energy into cross stitch. Maybe it is because I know it will take me time to learn again and right now, I like nothing more than to forget and unwind with something that is more familiar that takes less concentration. All that said, I would like to be able to knit. In fact I am often leafing through knitting patterns wishing I could create some of the lovely projects I come across, including this one from Mollie Makes (issue 21).


With autumn drawing in and the cold nights around, I’ve been rooting through my wool collection for some autumnal colours to start my practising…


So when I was shopping for today and saw this …


.. I really thought I have no excuses to start learning again. Crochet hooks aside and learner needles out, it’s time to give it a go….. Any beginners tips will be greatly received!

Charlotte x

September – National sewing month

According to this September is National Sewing month. This got me thinking about my sewing plans. So far I would say I am more of a ‘developing’ sewer (aka a beginner!!). It is something I am really keen to improve on. So, introducing my sewing companions…


Introducing my 1930’s singer and my basic John Lewis machine!

These two had helped me see a couple of things – bags, bunting and this skirt.

In May this year, the Daily Mail ran an offer to collect vouchers for sewing patterns from the Great British Seeing Bee book. I had bought the book but thought that the full patterns would come in handy. Four months later… they arrived!


I’ve also been researching dress patterns and came across patterns by Megan Nielsen and in particular this one ..


The only problem is EVERYWHERE has sold out!!!!

So, my sewing plan to do list…

* get hold of the Megan Neilsen darling ranges pattern (if anyone knows of anywhere with it in stock please do tell!)

*pyjamas!!! I actually have the. Fabric for this pattern!

Charlotte x

Craft Magazine Addict

Hello, my name is Charlotte and I am addicted to craft magazines. Yes, it’s true, I struggle to go into a shop without checking the shelves to see what craft magazines are on sale. Trouble is, I also can’t bare to get rid of any, so my craft room is turning into a magazine haven!


The above is just a selection of what I have on my shelves. Thankfully, I limit myself to subscriptions and at the moment, I only await the arrival of two a month from the postman!


Mollie makes is my first regular magazine to arrive in the month. This features a bit of all different crafts each month. My other current subscription is to the Simply Crochet magazine made by the same bunch as Mollie Makes. It is full of inspiration and patterns for modern crochet.

For the past 6 months I’ve been regularly buying the new crafty magazine and I am tempted to add this to my subscription list. It’s similar to Mollie Makes in that its an all round crafty magazine.

Lastly, I’ve recently been flicking through Craftseller magazine. This is good for tips on selling handmade goods which is useful for me at the moment.

So they are my main reads.. What are your favourite craft magazines?

Charlotte x

My craft desk this week


I recently bought Mollie Makes feathered friends – a collection of bird themed projects. One that has particularly caught my eye is the granny square little bird cot blanket. I’ve yet to get the wool but this gives me an excuse to visit the haberdashery this week!

A little while ago I started thinking about Christmas gifts. For one friend I decided on a cosy granny square blanket. I had some giant balls of white, purple and grey wool in my stash so have made a start. I plan to do a few more this week.

My aim for September is to open my Folksy shop. At the moment I am building up some stock. I have plenty of purses and bows left to make!

What crafty projects do you have planned for this week?

Charlotte x

P.S Being bank holiday today I thought it would be the perfect day to watch an old favourite movie (inspired by the past months crafty magazine!)



Folksy Summer School

A couple of weekends ago I was lucky enough to be attending the Folksy Summer School in Sheffield. The location was beautiful, specially chosen by the Folksy creators.


The weekends events were split between the fabulously decorated classroom…


…Hector’s House (for photography lessons)…


…and Sycamore for crafty demos.


The weekend was full of really interesting talks from the likes of Tilly Walnes Emma Jones Andy Poplar Doug Richard and many more.

I also managed to squeeze in some crafty workshops making a beautiful flower brooch with the lovely Gemma from The Button Tin.



The delightful ladies at Cocoa Wonderland kept us full of sweets and treats throughout the weekend!

My favourite part of the weekend? Being totally inspired by the lovely people I met – not only the speakers but the other attendees so my questions now is…when is the next one!!!

Charlotte x

Craft Fair

Last weekend saw St George’s Hall in Liverpool open its doors to a Summer Arts Market.


The market saw all types of lovely amazing crafty bits with lots of homemade stalls it the most beautiful surroundings – overall a really good market!



The rest if my weekend was spend making a lady sock monkey for my niece who was a little puzzled as to why Mr Monkey didn’t have a girlfriend!


At the moment I am working on some bits to open my Folksy shop which coincides with next weekends summer event, the Folksy Summer school in Sheffield! I’m really looking forward to spending the weekend with lots of crafty folk (is it too early to pack my bag?!)

Charlotte x